A+Awards Architizer - 2018 Finalist

A fourfold of strategic decisions drive the architecture of a shelter in City of Khansar for orphaned girls:
1. The "undue" is "undone"
In response to the financial limitations of the project, an austere, and honest tectonic is adopted. All superfluous layers of finishing and ornamentation are considered as "undue", and hence, are eliminated. 
2. The "oppressed" is "liberated" 
It is hard to exercise one's right in choosing one's lifestyle as an orphaned girl in a male-dominated religious city such as Khansar.

A+Awards Architizer- 2018 Finalist

Pedari Guest House is a facility designed as a destination for eco-tourism in Iran. Not far away from the central desert of Iran, It is located in the ancient city of Khansar. City of Khansar is surrounded by the mountains which form a natural wall around the city.