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Principal architects :
( 210|6 )
Parsa Ardam 
Ramin Beyraghdar
Design team :
Faraz Shapurzadeh
Mina Alavi
Yasamin Nasiri
Alireza Yazdani
Reyhane Abarghooie
Ilia Yazdani
Client :
Barilla Company/ Competition
Italy, Parma / 2018
Public building/ Exhibition
Size : 15000 m2

“Good for you, good for the planet”

This slogan had inspired us to design a complex which is derived from nature and had led us to think about constructing a green park instead of a building so as to be as loyal as possible to our endangered planet.

A “Theme park” which presents visitors the whole procedure of making a pasta from the early stages of planting “durum wheat” to cooking it and gives people an excellent experience of serving a food which they were involved in its producing procedure.


Category: Architecture
Typology: Public